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How to use this wiki

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Things You Can Do

There is no one right way to use a wiki. Many users come to the wiki medium with limited collaborative online writing experience. Others will have been using wikis for various collaborative editing activities for years, while some will even have contributed to the rule-bound "wikipedia" (with more or less success). This wiki is intended to be user friendly. There are no 'bots' searching the entries for shameless self-promotion (actually we support that) nor will there be announced and archived violations of mystical, four-letter, abbreviated, governance policies. Instead, we simply want you to create, edit, organize and share content that you think is relevant to the conference. Here is a list (I hope you will edit it) of things you can do on this wiki:


  1. Create pages and start to populate them with content
  2. Edit pages created by others (edit this one, for example)
  3. Prepare document repositories or annotated bibliographies
  4. Discuss the content of a page (every page has a place at the bottom to leave comments, like a blog)
  5. Point us to important examples of related activities, etc. via hyperlinks


Wikis can be fun and useful. Try to remember to use the document space (each separate page) for content and the discussion space to make make comments or pose questions about the document itself. Don't worry if someone edits your writing; that is the goal! Sometimes it is hard to see your ideas 'disappear' or change through collaborative editing. Most of the time, the shared products are very rewarding.


What To Do First

Once you have created and authorized a free pbwiki account, you need to request access to "dgo2009" and be granted it from the man behind the curtain pushing all the buttons.  When that  is complete, you can then "Create a new page" or "EDIT" and existing page. You will also then have the ability to place comments on pages using the comment box below every page.


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